Friday, July 29, 2011

All You Grocery Challenge Top 10 Finalist

Yes, that means what you think it means! I'm one of the top 10 semi-finalists in the All You Grocery Challenge! I got the email yesterday and couldn't open it fast enough when I saw the subject line. I pinched myself...a couple of times... and then again this morning.

To be precise, my exact reaction went something like, '"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!" The whole family is so excited, and it's awesome to have made it this far. I've gotten some sweet notes of encouragement, thank you so much, it means a lot.

They requested my receipts, which I already mailed out and now sleepless nights until August 5th when they contact the winner and two runners-up.

I'm thrilled just to be nominated. I've always wanted to say that. Good luck to the other finalists!


Anonymous said...

CONRGRATS on the Nomination!! August 5th - big day! You can do it! I love these tips and hoping you win!! YAY!!!- Amena

Anonymous said...

Omg! That i's soooo great! Congratulations! , nadia

Isra said...

Thank you both so much! I'm still pretty stoked!

my frugal life said...

Isra! I find it just amazing that we were both reading each other's blogs and out of the thousands that entered, we both made it to the top 10! Wow! I honestly think you have a much better shot at top 3, but either way, congratulations!! Tricia

Isra said...

Tricia, I know what are the odds! Congrats to you too, I think the opposite, that you have a MUCH better chance at the top have 4 teenagers! That's like feeding 8 adults! :)Good luck today!