Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day 11

$.69 total

I usually shop two grocery stores every week, one being Shaw's and the other is variable, between Whole Foods or Market Basket.  My shopping hasn't been very creative.

Sticking to a $100 budget is only part of the All You Grocery Challenge, the other part is being creative; to me, that means being creative in the kitchen, in couponing and in shopping! This week I focused on being creative in shopping. I took the challenge a bit further by shopping for groceries at non-grocery stores.

Today I shopped Rite Aid, and that's a picture of the deal I did. I paid $.69 out of pocket for everything.I would not normally do most drugstore food promotions, as the cost per product is higher then the grocery store, however, in an effort to stretch my dollar further and get out of my grocery store comfort zone, I gave it a try. We go through barbecue sauce a lot in this house, it's not just a favorite condiment, but during the summer I use it in cooking and I found a new family favorite on myrecipes via Although I could get barbecue sauce cheaper in Target or Shaw's, I decided to do a deal at Rite Aid this week, where you buy $15 get $3+UPs(rite aid credit) back. Since I have a lot of +UPs it made sense to do the deal there since I'm esentially using their money instead of mine! I used to be so focused on just buying whatever is on sale and going to produce more +UPS, rather then thinking of ways to get what my family really needs, so I am changing that!

At Rite Aid I purchased 4 Kraft BBQ Sauce, 3 Heinz Ketchup, 2 Frank's Hot Sauce, 1 Nutella, paid $.69 after coupons and got $3UPs back.This amount will definitely get us through the Summer barbecue season!

"There is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in growth." This week I'm trying to grow out of my grocery store comfort zone.


Anonymous said...

Playing the drugstore game can really pay off! Way to go!

Isra said...

Now if only the drugstores sold produce...:)