Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 5

Yesterday was the last day of the Shaw's gift card promotion. Buy $100 worth of ANY gift cards and get a $20 catalina coupon to use on your next order. This promotion will be sadly missed, it is an amazing one! Last week we stocked up on gas cards, something we have to pay for anyways, and used the $20 CAT for groceries. It was like getting $20 worth of groceries FREE since we would pay for gas anyways. The only trick is the CAT expires in one week, unlike most that expire in two weeks. This is how we were able to stock up on meats and frozen veggies. Since the Amazon gift card is not considered a food item, I still have over $90 in my budget this week.
As we head into the end of week 1 for the challenge, I'm finding that one of our main expenses, besides fresh produce, is bread! We go through approximately 2 loaves a week, and bread rarely sells for less then $2 per loaf and oftentimes more if it's whole grain and wheat. That lovely $100 Amazon gift card will go to purchasing a bread maker! Since I stock up on flour when it gets to $1.50 a bag, and one bag can produce several loaves, the initial $100 investment will pay for itself many times over...and it's healthier!

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