Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 4

It's becoming clear what every family member's challenge will be this month. The hardest one to change will be my almost 3-year-old daughter's chocolate and chicken nugget habit. I can't say it came from nowhere, I am a total chocoholic and fast food junkie! This morning she woke up asking for chocolate cake for breakfast, when I refused, she then asked for chocolate milk and then chicken nuggets...for breakfast?! Oh my, I thought, what have I created! Then, I had an allyou inspirational moment, speak to kids in a voice they understand. I explained in my most toddler-friendly explanation that we are going to try to eat the colors of the rainbow everyday and brown, the color of chocolate and chicken nuggets, is not in the rainbow. I offered her cranberry-grape juice, she loved drinking the color purple and asked for more! I then asked if she wanted some cereal and she said she wants to eat a yellow banana! I'm so happy and now that Salma has opened the door to other foods I'm not turning back and will hopefully get the whole family to eat more colors of the rainbow, myself included. So the theme of our AllYou Grocery Challenge will be to eat the colors of the rainbow everyday! What is your theme?


Anonymous said...

We still get chocolate in here - either thru Soymilk, Almond milk or home made treats like Nutella Krispie Treats (recipe on my blog in a few days).

Try cutting the juice with water and making popsicles, the kids will love it - OR making fudgesicles with sugarfree chocolate pudding.

Good luck on the challenge!

Isra said...

Nutella! Forgot about that one! I used to make my own with carob powder from whole foods. My mom today reminded me about ovaltine, has added vitamins and I know she likes it. Good luck on the challenge as well!

Save Money With Laura said...

Hi Isra!
I found you on AllYou, I LOVE your rainbow deal with your little one. You could start making the kids Chicken nuggets which are much healthier. I have a recipe I'll look up and pass it back to you. It's from Hungry Girl so it's very healthy. I just found my e-mail today about the challenge starting so I've got to get with it. I Really needed this I am frugal, but I lost income this month so it's getting even harder now. I seem to have a lot more days then money. lol
Come over and check out my blog I list freebies, deals and lots of coupon info too. I am going to start a page listing my grocery challenge too. My bog is named Smart Moms Saving Money, just click my name.
Good luck and Wishing you many more colors of the rainbow to come!

Isra said...

Hi Laura, I'd love that chicken nugget recipe.Sorry about the loss of income, I know all about that :(..but even with a big income, living frugally is the way to go so good for you! I checked your blog and subscribed, you are a young grandma! Good Luck with the challenge!