Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 12

$52.53 total
My husband has been the main meat shopper for our family. He normally buys steak and ground beef at Costco, but for the challenge he got out of his comfort zone and decided to see how Omaha Steaks would work out. Nothing better than steak delivered to your front door!

I didn't realize how savvy my husband is with online shopping; he did great! He knew he wanted to spend around $50, so first he went to plasticjungle and bought a $50 Omaha Steaks giftcard for $41.50. Before ordering he clicked through shopathome to get 7% back on his purchase. He used a $20 off $69 home mailer promo code, a text message promo code for $29.99 beef tenderloin tips, a promo code for 4 FREE 4oz steaks when you buy $79 or more and finally a free shipping code when you buy $75 or more. *whew*

The order looked like this:
6 1lb. beef tenderloin tips
1 3lb. beef tenderloin tip
4 4 oz. steaks
+ $19.95 shipping
-$20 off $69
-$8.50 ( giftcard savings)

If he had gone to Costco, not including the steak or free shipping, he still came out ahead. Costco sells beef tenderloin tips for $8.99/lb., so $89.90 for the same amount versus $52.53, that's a 42% savings. Mission accomplished, my husband got out of his Costco comfort zone!


Anonymous said...

Omaha Steaks has such yummy stuff! I like the fact that it is irradiated too - so you never have to worry about getting a bacterial illness (like some of the other big companies).

High five to the hubby!

Isra said...

I never knew about it being irradiated, good to know, thx!