Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 7

Every Saturday marks the end of a week in the four week challenge. It's a good day to look at how much was spent, where it was spent and what adjustments can be made for the coming week. The rules allow for $25 per family member, children under 1 are not included. We are a family of 5, but our youngest is under 1, so our weekly budget is $100 on all food, including eating out.
Budget-wise the week was great as we just got off a sale on meats and veggies from the previous week; so food shopping was largely produce and cheap treats, like ice cream. We did not spend any of the budget on eating out, and that is huge progress for us. Drive thrus didn't look as tempting as they usually do.
Breakfast consisted of cereal, eggs, fruit, homemade cinnamon toast and nescafe (didnt miss my dunkin donuts coffee one bit!).
Lunch consisted of sandwiches, homemade macaroni and cheese, instant noodles, pita chips and hummus, greek yogurt, and dinner leftovers.
Dinner consisted of lamb burgers, chicken/veg casserole, indian spinach beef curry and rice, egg salad, vegetarian pasta, homemade pizza, and fresh fish caught by a friend!
-$6.63 (Shaw's/Star Market)
-$22.47 (Market Basket)
-$20.47 (Johnnie's Foodmaster)
-$2.97 (Whole Foods)
= $47.46 under budget!
Some highlights from this week's shopping include 9 pints of ice cream,milk, lots of fresh produce, mangos, and a jar of ragu pasta sauce I won from a twitter contest...thanks Ragu!
Going into week 2 I have a colorful menu planned that I'm hoping will further expand Salma's palette, and for the whole family I'm adding a twist to our favorite foods by using in season fruit to cut cost.
Good luck in week 2!

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