Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 3

 $6.63 total

Today was shopping day. Since we have stocked up on meat and frozen veggies, I only needed to buy some fresh fruit, milk and treats. I spent $6.63 out of the allotted $100 budget for the week. Out of that, I will get back .40 through savingstar and after reviewing the receipt, they overcharged me by $4! Since starting this challenge I have become vigilant about checking receipts. I will go back on Thursday to fix the situation, but as it stands I have $93.37 left in the food budget this week. I also bought a half watermelon which is not pictured, my kids attacked it before it hit the table, can't say I was upset about that one!
I chose to buy a half watermelon instead of a whole one because it's cheaper and it gave me room to buy other fruits also. I'd rather have variety then all of one kind.
I also bought some boxes of magnum chocolate ice cream bars. When we go out, one ice cream at the park costs around $3, so for the price of 3 ice cream cones, I picked up 12! I will keep those for treats on the weekend instead of eating out, we'll just take a couple from home.
I bought extra bananas because I read a great tip on allyou.com about peeling off the skin and freezing them, then using them in different ways, like shakes or banana bread.


Sara VZ said...

I freeze bananas all the time to add to smoothies :) Just peel, slice, and flash freezer (around twenty minutes), and then add them to your blender, along with frozen strawberries, yogurt, and oj or milk. I also add honey and ground flax seed. Then blend and enjoy! Good luck on the challenge!
Sara (All You Grocery Challenge winner 2010)

Isra said...

Thx so much! It means a lot that you would be the first one to comment! I love the flaxseed advice, will have to pick some up.I read your story many times, it was such an inspiration for me to join this year.